Driver Diagrams

Visually plan out your QI project using the easy-to-use driver diagram tool. Include Change Ideas on the diagram, link Measures and colour code the diagram for instant impact.

PDSA Cycles

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles allow you to rapidly test and learn from small scale changes. Link your PDSA cycles to change ideas and measures to understand how they affect your overall aim.

SPC Charts

Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts visualise the variation in a process and allow you to understand the impact of your PDSA cycles. Easily create and annotate a wide range of SPC charts to visualise your measures.

Share & Collaborate

Build the right team for the project and share your results with the QI community. Collaboration is simple and instantaneous, and removes any barriers caused by geography.


Projects that are part of larger organisational, regional or national initiatives can be grouped together into a programme. Linking projects to a programme streamlines access, collaboration and reporting.


Monitor and manage your portfolio of QI projects. Reporting allows you to track activity and progress as well as easily create tailored project reports for stakeholders.

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